At its core, the East Asia Gazette is about one very simple value: forging a constructive dialogue between East and West.

We intend to do this by increasing the awareness of happenings in East Asia to an Anglophone audience. It is our hope that our words will translate into a greater understanding of the Far East, its numerous woes as well as its countless beauties.

From times immemorial, East Asia has been a plateau of fertile cultural developments, and its people have contributed great riches to every realm of human knowledge. In recent decades, East Asia has undergone astounding developments and transformations, many of which never reach the eyes and ears of the Anglosphere. There are multiple reasons for this, including meager journalism that fails to convey a story’s overarching importance within the global context or a shallow understanding of why the Far East is so crucial to the West at this critical juncture in history. It is our intent to impart this knowledge unto our readers and raise the bar for journalism in the information age.

The era of rapid communication has granted us countless benefits. At the same time, many of us have become active participants in a race to the swift where information is consumed and discarded like plastic cups. We at the East Asia Gazette would like to pause for a moment, reflect, and create a conversation around the important issues concerning this part of the globe we so fervently love.

If you share our dream, if it is your calling to create constructive dialogue between East and West, we think you will find value in our project.