M6 earthquake strikes Aomori - no damage reported

By Daniele Pestilli on May 23, 2012
Image: Epicenter of the strong earthquake that struck the northeastern coast of Japan

An earthquake struck at around midnight on 24 May, about 75 km from the northern city of Mutsu in Aomori prefecture, Jiji News reports.

According to the Japanese Meteorological Agency, the magnitude 6 earthquake occurred at a 50 km depth in the Pacific Ocean. The Nuclear Safety commission has said there have been no abnormalities at Tohoku Electric Power Co.’s plants, and all firefighting departments in the region have also reported no damage thus far, according to Asahi news. No tsunami warning has been issued.

Hachinohe expressway is currently lowering its speed-limit to 50 km/h.

The 11 March, 2011, Tōhoku earthquake that struck Japan killing 16,000 people and leaving 3,300 unaccounted for was a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. It is said to be one of the five most powerful earthquakes in the world in recorded history.